Re: Motorola xpr8400

Allan Perrins


Since apparently no one else will tell you, the radio will NOT respond if
the CASE fan isn't running (the power supply fans have NOTHING to do with
it).  Clip the brown wire going to the case fan.  That will force the fan
to run at full speed.  Then re-program the CPS (save the current setup). 
All will be good.  Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.  If you have to
replace the case fan, be sure to get a proper fan and NOT just some garden
variety fan.  And make sure it's ball-bearing.  You'll thank me later.

BTW, if the power supply fan ISN'T running, you WILL burn up your power
supply.  Yes, it's a DuraComm, and NO they won't repair it.  They are big
time expensive.  I highly recommend removing it and blowing all the dust
and crap out of it and replacing the crappy fan with a ball-bearing one.

Or, if you're totally frustrated with it, since it's VHF, sell it to me. I'm looking for a VHF unit. To the guy looking for CPS 16, quit being a cheap bastard and just buy a "legit" Motorola CPS on eBay. The original copy of CPS 16 I have only cost something like $30. Shipped. It also includes the upgrade files for the XPR8300 and 8400 to the latest version tested compatible by BrandMeister. And NO, I won't make you a copy. Allan

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