Re: Motorola xpr8400

Allan Perrins

An XPR8300/8400 makes for an excellent DMR repeater. But so does a pair
of GM300's, which are far easier to come by and program. Might I suggest
reviewing the Wiki on the BrandMeister site for "approved" radios? Lots
of suggestions there.

Read, read, read. Read until your eyes bleed.

And yes, there will be ham fests again . . . once all this Plandemic
silliness is over. Blame Bill Gates and Anthony Fauchi (and the Chinese)
for it. It will pass; the potential long-term effects from the vaccine


Would this be a good choice for a 2m digi mode (not digi voice) optimized

On March 17, 2021 09:37:03 "Skyler Fennell" <>
I got my copy at a ham fest out of all places . Too bad there’s no
more of
those nowadays

On Tue, Mar 16, 2021 at 11:50 AM Allan Perrins <>

If you read my post, I clearly stated that I had bought a copy on eBay.
There are NONE currently on eBay, as of this morning. I had also found
downloadable copies on the internet. You just have to keep looking. I
will NOT make you a copy of mine, sorry. I don't need to suffer the
of Mommy Motorola.

Motorola no longer supports the XPR8300/8400 or that version of CPS.
being said, Motorola is VERY protective of their stuff, and is very
hostile to the "non-commercial" community, in general. Particularly
amateur radio operators. The last supported version (as far as I know)
for those radios was CPS 2.0 (yeah, I know. It was a Motorola numbering
change). Motorola used to be friendly to hams, even offered a discount
parts. No more.

To further complicate things, although you can READ your radio with an
older CPS (maybe), you won't be able to WRITE to it unless it was
programmed with the same version of CPS. I always try to use the latest
version I can get my hands on to insure that there isn't a code plug
version mis-match.


Allan could you give a link to the place you purchased the software for
dollars as most searches come up with 200 to 400 that would be most
helpful to a lot of people and may be encourage them to be legal and
be cheapskates.
thank you Peter.


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