Re: Motorola xpr8400

DavidC KD4E

I am familiar with the GM300's - thanks for the reminder.

Georgia returned to outdoor Tailgates a while ago and Hamfests appear to have resumed as well.

No evidence of any problems.

Stay strong out there!

> On 3/17/21 12:17 PM, Allan Perrins wrote:
> An XPR8300/8400 makes for an excellent DMR repeater. But so does a > pair of GM300's, which are far easier to come by and program. Might > I suggest reviewing the Wiki on the BrandMeister site for "approved" > radios? Lots of suggestions there. > > Read, read, read. Read until your eyes bleed. > > Allan > >> Would this be a good choice for a 2m digi mode (not digi voice) >> optimized repeater?

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