Re: Motorola xpr8400

DavidC KD4E

So, the Motorola Maxtrac 300 (GM300) 32 Ch VHF 144-174Mhz Radio?

Is $125. shipped, each, typical (in tested, working, condition)?

Are there proprietary cables I want to be sure to get with the rig?

ebay seller refers to a "HLD4322D board" but doesn't even list that as an option in an attached picture.


> On 3/17/21 12:17 PM, Allan Perrins wrote:
> An XPR8300/8400 makes for an excellent DMR repeater. But so does a > pair of GM300's, which are far easier to come by and program. Might > I suggest reviewing the Wiki on the BrandMeister site for "approved" > radios? Lots of suggestions there. > > Read, read, read. Read until your eyes bleed. > > And yes, there will be ham fests again . . . once all this Plandemic > silliness is over. Blame Bill Gates and Anthony Fauchi (and the > Chinese) for it. It will pass; the potential long-term effects from > the vaccine won't. > > Allan > > >> Would this be a good choice for a 2m digi mode (not digi voice) >> optimized repeater? >> >> On March 17, 2021 09:37:03 "Skyler Fennell" >> <electricity440@...> wrote: >>> I got my copy at a ham fest out of all places . Too bad there’s >>> no more of those nowadays >>> >>> On Tue, Mar 16, 2021 at 11:50 AM Allan Perrins >>> <aperrins@...> wrote: Peter, >>> >>> If you read my post, I clearly stated that I had bought a copy on >>> eBay. There are NONE currently on eBay, as of this morning. I >>> had also found downloadable copies on the internet. You just >>> have to keep looking. I will NOT make you a copy of mine, sorry. >>> I don't need to suffer the wrath of Mommy Motorola. >>> >>> Motorola no longer supports the XPR8300/8400 or that version of >>> CPS. That being said, Motorola is VERY protective of their stuff, >>> and is very hostile to the "non-commercial" community, in >>> general. Particularly amateur radio operators. The last >>> supported version (as far as I know) for those radios was CPS 2.0 >>> (yeah, I know. It was a Motorola numbering change). Motorola >>> used to be friendly to hams, even offered a discount on parts. >>> No more. >>> >>> To further complicate things, although you can READ your radio >>> with an older CPS (maybe), you won't be able to WRITE to it >>> unless it was programmed with the same version of CPS. I always >>> try to use the latest version I can get my hands on to insure >>> that there isn't a code plug version mis-match. >>> >>> Allan >>> >>> >>> >>>> Allan could you give a link to the place you purchased the >>>> software for 30 dollars as most searches come up with 200 to >>>> 400 that would be most helpful to a lot of people and may be >>>> encourage them to be legal and not be cheapskates. thank you >>>> Peter. >>>> >>>> KF4JIA >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> > > > > > > >

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