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On 4/13/2020 4:36 PM, Cepmender via wrote:
Many older radios need a proper sloooow computer actually running DOS and with a hardware serial bus.

Emulators running in Windows (tm) just don't work.

Here's what's odd, I kept hearing that, yet I'm up to about 7-8 different radios of different generations and CPS's that work find fine with FTDI USB to Serial devices and dosbox:

TK-90 (does not need dosbox)

FTL-3100 and similar
VX-1210 (dosbox not needed with newer CPS's)

Other Maxtracs
CDM's (does not need dosbox, but does need FTDI based serial to ttl adapter)

I think most of the "windows emulators don't work" myths are really just issues with the chip in the USB to serial adapter.

I have some non-FTDI based cables that work fine with windows native CPS's, but not with the old DOS based cps's. So there is a reason the ebay cable sellers list if their cable is FTDI based... it makes a difference.

So while I have old notebooks still with "real" serial ports, I have never had to use them. Yep, sometimes I have to try a few different speed settings on dosbox, but usually something between 500-800 mhz 386 equiv works. And it's just Ctl-F11 and Ctl-F12 to make faster or slower. So very quick to get them to read, usually only takes 20-30 seconds to home in on what works. And I keep all my cps and files on my modern computer.

The radio does not know what's attached to the serial port. There are only three issues which can make a difference, and two of them are due to CPS coding:

- Voltage on various HW pins. Most modern (FTDI and newer) based chips are fine in this regard. I think this is the main thing that bites folks, using unknown USB to serial chips
- Dos Software using timing loops that break on faster computers. Dosbox deals with this nicely
- DOS CPS software only supports COM1 and COM2. Easily dealt with in dosbox... You can map any modern serial port to com1 or com2 (or com3/4 if your cps software supports it)

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