Re: Motorola M110

Charles Schmell

If you used Moto software, Does the "Shift key" trick work?

When typing in freq out of split:

Hold Shift, type numbers
Release Shift for decimal (.)
Shift and type rest of numbers, fiil out field with zeros.

Example:  446.0000    would be $$^.))))
Program will convert to proper numbers.
Now, depending on the type radio, the radio will not refer to tuning info since tuning spots are not in new band.

Power can go from 0 -A LOT (over rated power)
Deviation can go squirrelly.

Depends on model radio.

Gm 300s behave better than Maxtrac or Radius radios.
Not familiar with M110.

Check Batlabes!
Charles, KS3Z

On Tuesday, April 21, 2020, 01:54:32 PM EDT, Daniel Tabacki <atiracom@...> wrote:

Hi to all,
I successfully read and write M110 
I found a slow pc.
How i can modification for Ham ban 430-450
This is subband and not supposed in M110

Best Regards

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