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Andy Bagwell

Your processor could be to fast.  I have to use a  Windows 98 laptop with a 166 MHz Processor and 4 megs of ram for it to work.  Also make sure you have the Maxtrac program and not the maratrac.  you can use newer computer but make sure if you're using dosbox then go into the dosbox options and go to cycles= make it 166 I believe and then save the options

On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 12:52 PM Fabian Nogue <fabian_12345@...> wrote:

Thanks Will, but I couldn't, I have several programs, several versions, I program other equipment in that line without problems. But this particularly gives as it does not recognize the port. I program the GM300, the sm50, and the last ones the m208, but with this maxtrac I can't. I tried all the programs up to the maxtraclab when I read it, some time passed and it threw me that it did not recognize the port and the computer made several beep sounds. and when I check the port from the configuration for the PC with F3 with the gm300 program it gives me an error and then it tells me port OK. It is very rare.
Well, thank you very much and I appreciate your attention.

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