Re: GM300 problem

Glen O'Riley

The 9C says 16ch.


M mobile duh

3 10-25w


GM (it’s a GM300)

C 45.1meg if

0 12.5k narrowband RF

9C “Expanded Logic Board, 16 freq”

A who knows?

A I think this is American market.


So it should be fine with 16 channels and I’d be looking at where you went wrong in the codeplug. It’s been so long since I dealt with my UHF GM300 and VHF M120 that I can’t even find the codeplug files for them to test/check (likely on the OLD 486 MSDOS laptop). Are you using the DOS or radio doctor software?

Only other thing I can think of is a board swap and it’s NOT a 9C board in it.



From: <> On Behalf Of Todor via
Sent: Monday, 18 January 2021 10:33 PM
Subject: [Radios] GM300 problem


Hello all,


Accindentally I reprogrammed GM300 with wrong code plug.

Looks like this model was limited to less programms and I uploaded 16 programs into the radio .

Now , I can read content and there are 16 programs within but TX is inhibited .

Does anybody has good codeplug for this model:




Model M33GMC09CAA

s/n 159TYYF989


This is what I can read from it.

Codeplug witn only 4 program loc is good enough .

Thanks in advance.Regards,






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