Re: GM300 problem

Glen O'Riley

I can’t help with a working codeplug but if you throw yours somewhere to take a look at (make a copy and change the frequencies if you need then some of us could possibly take a look and see if we see anything different.

I’m not sure if Euro and US models used different software on them (only dealt with US/AU models) but I know for example the euro version of an MCS2000 was an MC2100 or thereabouts and it had completely different software for the same looking brick. Unlikely for that model but potentially something to ask about.



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Hello again,


This  GM300 was all working  with 4 channel prior to upload new content .

I made a mistake-saved original codeplug but later overwrited it with anothed content that appears to be not working.

And yes, it looks like 16 channel  capable – it has 2 digit display .

European model , too.

Will check again but working good code plug is welcome , anyway.

Of course , 16 channel type.





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The 9C says 16ch.


M mobile duh

3 10-25w


GM (it’s a GM300)

C 45.1meg if

0 12.5k narrowband RF

9C “Expanded Logic Board, 16 freq”

A who knows?

A I think this is American market.


So it should be fine with 16 channels and I’d be looking at where you went wrong in the codeplug. It’s been so long since I dealt with my UHF GM300 and VHF M120 that I can’t even find the codeplug files for them to test/check (likely on the OLD 486 MSDOS laptop). Are you using the DOS or radio doctor software?

Only other thing I can think of is a board swap and it’s NOT a 9C board in it.



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Subject: [Radios] GM300 problem


Hello all,


Accindentally I reprogrammed GM300 with wrong code plug.

Looks like this model was limited to less programms and I uploaded 16 programs into the radio .

Now , I can read content and there are 16 programs within but TX is inhibited .

Does anybody has good codeplug for this model:




Model M33GMC09CAA

s/n 159TYYF989


This is what I can read from it.

Codeplug witn only 4 program loc is good enough .

Thanks in advance.Regards,






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